Our Services

From small projects to major agile enterprise transformations, AimCoSoft’s software services focus on covering complete agile process with expertise at the right time, in extensive agile methodologies as well as best practices. As an organization with core capabilities and rich assets in technology, AimCoSoft is remarkably situated to deliver your short as well as long term needs with inside and out agile experience.

Areas of specialization include:


AimCoSoft provides its software services in the field of Microsoft Technologies and have built a presence in recent niche domains. Truly, AimCoSoft has been successful in helping customers with work requiring a background in DOT NET programming languages (C#, VB .NET), Model-View-Controller (MVC), Application development, software designing, and architecture; to name a few. As far as consistency and hazard apparatuses, AimCoSoft helps customers with a reliable platform to showcase their skills sets by providing technical user support for web, desktop or mobile applications, and by upgrading, configuring and debugging existing systems.


AimcoSoft has provided SQL/Postgre SQL work solutions to customer with exiting projects and solutions to grow the business. Our clients appreciate the advantage of working with professional experts, with the capacity to comprehend the technicalities of the command line, server administration, PHP and web application framework recruitment.

Cloud and Network Services

AimCoSoft has vast experience in developing, deploying as well as debugging cloud-based web and app. We AimCoSoft’s progressively experienced experts work on all IT management and executive assignments.

Internet of Things ( IOT )

AimCoSoFT experts in helping job seekers in IOT jobs. An investigation of the internet of things recruitment market shows these ranges of abilities are in intense interest. AimCoSoft can help work searchers in IOT occupations at all dimensions, with a specific skill in the internet of things. We give our IOT competitors remarkable dimensions of administration and hopeful consideration. Our IOT competitors frequently use us all through their vocations.

Software QA and Testing

AimCoSoft is specialized in giving IT enlistment answers for our customers looking for a contender for Software QA and Testing positions. Our customers appreciate the advantage of working with certified experts and enable to understand the details of QA & Testing recruitment. We have a demonstrated reputation in selecting both contract and changeless competitors into all Testing and QA employments over the accompanying zones including, however not restricted to; • White Box • Black Box • Integration • Regression • Usability • Compatibility • Test Automation • QA Engineers • SW Test Engineers • System Testers • UAT • Web Testers

Mobile Software Development

AimCoSoft’s mobile software development team gives jobs to a huge range of job seekers in the relevant field. Autonomously of the stage where you think, plan, code & execute; the advisors at AimCoSoft are certain and proficient to break down your aptitudes, articulate your potential, as well as demonstrate to you the openings for work accessible in the market - regardless of whether these are in a perpetual job or contracting position. We give our candidates extraordinary dimensions of administration and hopeful consideration.

Artificial Intelligence

AimCoSoft recruits throughout the areas of AI skills jobs covering the building and maintaining software. Some of the AI skills roles AimCoSoft recruits include: • Machine learning engineers well known of Modern programming languages (such as Java, Python, Scala) • Data scientists well known of statistical computing languages and programming languages (such as Perl, Python, Scala, SQL) • Business intelligence developers • Research scientist • Big data engineers and architectsOur customers appreciate the advantage of working with specialists, utilizing a certified program with the capacity to comprehend the details of Artifical Intelligence recruitment.