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AimCoSoft recruitment team simplifies the recruiting process for employers and their candidates. With tailored screening questions and experience interview panel, we are able to immediately screen candidates that meet your interview criteria, selecting the most suitable for face-to-face interviews. This result into faster interview process, time and cost saving and getting quality resources which are most suitable for the position your organization is looking for.

Save the effort of your employees

By choosing AimCoSoft you save the effort of your staff doing end-to- end lengthy interviews. Candidates are pre-screend, that makes the interviewing process faster and your organization is more focused in analyzing the core technical skills rather than doing lengthy preliminary round of elimination process.

Take Data-Backed Hiring Decisions

AimcoSoft uses the data-driven techniques for candidates’s pre-screening. It makes it much faster to analyze the technical skills, education, and work experience when our predictive analysis engine filters the candidates based on the position they have applied for. State of the art selection process is key to getting more and more skilled candidates.

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